Pod Dispenser, Capsule Stand CoffeeTower Box N80 black (matt) for Nespresso *NEW* *NEW* *NEW* *NEW* *NEW* a must-have…

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Coffee Pleasure instad of Capsule ChaosThe rotating pod dispenser D?ring CoffeeTower Box N80 is one of a kind!The pods are stored in their original packages. Hence, the pods do not need to be inserted into the dispenser one by one. Moreover, the names of the flavours remain visible.On a base of only 18×18 cm the D?ring CoffeeTower Box N80 can store up to 8 sleeves of Nespresso pods. That makes 80 Nespresso pods in total.The D?ring CoffeeTower Box N80 is entirely rotatable. The elaborate design of this dispenser and its slots makes it easy to draw a pod. The D?ring CoffeeTower Box N80 is not only exeptionally convenient – its modern design makes it a real eye-catcher.Quality MADE IN GERMANY by Kapselhalter-24 !!

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